Friday, April 24, 2015

Virtual Field Trip: Brookfield Zoo!

While we were in the burbs visiting with Hammie and Buppa, it seemed we were never really in one place - unless we were sleeping! As a result, I have another virtual field trip for you, this time to the Brookfield Zoo, unsurprisingly located in Brookfield, IL.  We managed to pick the perfect day for the trip - it was a Friday, and the day before we went, there were tornadoes through NW Illinois, so many people stayed home fearing another rainy, cold, yucky day. It was gorgeous, and I'm actually surprised by some of the things Mad Natter learned!

Eaten by a fish in the turtle life cycle!


Holy moly, the tide's coming in!

Penguin Habitat

Are you as tall as a bear?

Socialization: CHECK!


Mad Natter spent 45m being a kangaroo

Riding on a puffin!

The big cats were out - and gorgeous

The tiger was a ham, it was great!


And, of course, the dolphin show!

We had a great day, a great time, and it was beautiful weather with great company.  And truthfully, any field trip that ends with a stream of "Hey, mom, did you know..." is a great one!  We covered map skills, got that "elusive" socialization time, and Mad Natter was excited to tell me that dolphin teeth are all the same shape, and that they swallow their prey whole - the teeth are used to trap, not to chew!  He also spent the day reciting various trivia - weights, diets, sizes of the animals, and what he would need at home if he were to have the animals as pets.

This has been a Virtual Field Trip brought to you in part by visiting Hammie and Buppa, and our favorite letters, G, H, and F.  Please visit Gifted Homeschoolers' Forum for more Virtual Field Trips!