We are a... mildly crazy, fun loving, eccentric little family, trying our best to meet what life throws at us head on.

Skeeve is our electronics wizard extraordinaire, a gamer geek with a love for most things sci-fi. He is our resident scattered principal, dealing with The Outside World so we can keep on keeping on!

Care is our teacher turned assistant turned mom turned teacher again! A voracious reader, perpetual explorer, professional learner - intellectual overexcitability in action.

Mad Natter is a 3-5-8 year old little boy who is a wonderful mix of Mama and Daddy - a perpetual explorer and learner with a sci-fi and animation bent.

Our school's name comes from a mash-up of two of our favorite things - Harry Potter and Firefly.  We don't shy away from the Whedon-speak, and we're not afraid to learn about anything that may cross our path!


Stellar Mama is Care's friend, a brilliant woman and great mother, support, and sounding board.

Girl Friday is Stellar Mama's daughter, Mad Natter's best friend.  Lover of all things pink, favorite screamer, and genuine peer to Mad Natter.

Hammie is Care's mom, Mad Natter's beloved Grandmother, whom we speak to neigh-daily, and who loves to laugh at Care - as she is now raising a carbon copy of herself.

Buppa is Care's dad, Mad Natter's best baseball buddy, the owner of the best snuggle chair in the world, maker of brilliant elephant noises, and coach for all things.

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