Wednesday, April 29, 2015

The Backpack of Holding!

Okay, so no big secret I'm a gamer. My preference is for RPGs, be they tabletop or MUCK/MUSH. This means that, quite naturally, a bag of holding was hugely attractive to me. Skeeve has the original Bag of Holding messenger bag, and I've come to inherit a Backpack of Holding from him. My geeky heart sings.

First. It's brown. I'm not a big fan of brown in general, but it works here. The bag rarely if ever shows dirt, and it's been taken out, kicked around, stood on, and otherwise beaten up just like most bags in a house with kids are. You can't tell. The brown totally works - and the bag really is that durable.

Alongside durability, it's also comfortable. I bring this bag with me when we walk to the store up the block, which means I carry home our errand-running-fruits in there. Even when it's heavy, and I'm talking 20 pounds or more, it's easy to carry and doesn't strain my shoulders or back. This is a huge improvement over really every bag I've had since my Jansport in high school.

Now, it's called a Bag of Holding. That's a big name to live up to - those things are miniature TARDISes, much bigger on the inside than the outside, and capable of carrying immense loads. Given the size of the bag itself, I would posit that according to the Bag of Holding tables, it should be about 20 cubic feet on the inside, and capable of carrying up to about 100 pounds. Those are some big shoes to fill, wouldn't you say?

The Backpack of Holding has two interior pockets and three exterior pockets. I have one exterior pocket for myself. It holds my wallet, my glasses (or sunglasses), and a bottle of aspirin. The front pocket is only half filled, and it currently contains an entire box of Fruit by the Foot. The last side pocket is full up - it has half a bag of Craisins and 2/3 of a box of Cars gummis in it. Long term food storage, required to keep the hangry at bay if we're out of the house.

The interior always has two bottles of water, and one complete change of clothes for Mad Natter in. This is because Mad Natter is six, and seems to have some kind of mud-puddle sonar. I don't have spare shoes in there, but I've got everything else. Now, in addition to those things, I took my bag to the store yesterday, and picked up two twelve-packs of soda and a pair of energy drinks for Skeeve. In the tall cans. I put all of it into the Backpack of holding, and headed out. Everything stayed in, and was easy to carry.  Heavy, but easy. It's not twenty cubic feet, but it is, for sure, much more sizeable than it looks when it's empty.

I took this bag with us when Mad Natter and I went to visit with Hammie and Buppa. It was my car-bag, meaning it took the place of my purse while we were in the car. This bag rode shotgun, came into truck stop bathrooms, carried all the various things we need while we're traveling - including passports, snacks, toys, games, books... And it carried them well. I have yet to encounter a situation this bag hasn't been good for - even when dealing with the lot of variable changes-every-day things we have happen here. Totally worth the money.