Monday, September 8, 2014

The Library!

Today, Mad Natter and I went to the library.  This isn't exactly unusual for us, but hey. It was a trip to the library all the same.  They've been a little scarce with all the traveling we've done this year.  However, this was a Very Special Trip to the library - Mad Natter got his very own library card!

 We learned quite a few things today!  Mad Natter had to sign his card, and so did I.  He was surprised that he would have to write "all nine letters" of his name, and when the librarians asked how old he was, and one said "I'd have guessed sixteen..." Mad Natter replied, "I think it'll be ten years before I'm sixteen!" I think they were a little surprised by us.  They also made note that his school is at home (they ask for a school for all kids under 15), and then he was the proud owner of his very own library card.  Mama is holding it to make sure it stays safe.

After getting a card, Mad Natter wanted to find a book.  Our first search, for Plants vs Zombies, turned up one book at a far away branch of the library, which is not as much fun as checking one out today.  So we searched for Minecraft.  Imagine my utter shock to find The Beginner's Handbook on the shelves! We wrote down the call number, and took off in search of the book. After looking at the labels on the ends of the stacks, and comparing them to our call number, we made our way back and sure enough, found the only copy on the shelf.  PHEW!!

Next stop? The toys! Mad Natter played with all the toys in the children's section while I went looking for a couple books for read aloud purposes. Amelia Bedelia has changed.  A lot.  I'm a little afraid to even try looking for Mrs Piggle-Wiggle at this point. Anyway, after a good hour and change being the only kid in the library, a pair of siblings turned up, and all three boys played in the general vicinity of each other for another 20 minutes before I called an end to the adventure (I wanted to go to the bookstore to see if I could "say it isn't so!" at Amelia Bedelia, but it IS so. I'm sad), and we went to the checkout.  Mad Natter read the instructions on the touch screen all on his own, promptly followed them, and checked out his book on his card. It's a big day in our house - the first library card.  How big he's gotten!
Proud library patron!