Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Not Going Back To School!

Yesterday was Not Going Back To School Day here in Mooselandia, and as such, Mad Natter and I had a whole lot of things going on.  Some was planned, some was misadventure, but all in all, fun was had.

We started out our rainy day on the bus, which we took down to the park. Because we have the car, Mad Natter adores bus travel.  So, I deliberately planned to take the bus down to our NGBTS Picnic. Once on the bus, however, I realized I had the time of our afternoon dentist appointment wrong - it wasn't 2:00, it was 1:00.  Oops.

Anyhow, we got to the park, and found that where the pavilion was supposed to be, there was a very large hole in the ground.  We walked around for a bit, and saw some other kids not in school, but no gathering or picnic tables.  Mad Natter decided to hit the playground, and so we played there for a while, and then he figured out the splash pad, and he got himself good and drenched... and then we went to catch the bus back home, where we rushed straight off to see the dentist.
We're having some issues there. Mad Natter, it seems, is a bit anxious. He's scared to let the hygienist clean his teeth, for fear he may choke.  Okay, we can work with that, sort of...  We'll go back another day and try the cleaning again. Maybe after mama has talked to the doctor about anxiety in gifted children.

After the dentist, we had lunch, and found our way back home, where he spent the rest of the afternoon embroiled with some kind of creative-mode game with Skeeve and Omero.  I'd say a pretty fun day, all things considered.