Monday, June 29, 2015


Hiatus.  It is finally ending.  Entries might be a bit sporadic yet, but I'm hoping to be back with at least some regularity now. Almost three weeks ago, I had day surgery. My team was excellent, and I was home and in a very minimal amount of pain within about eight hours from when we left. But, the surgery was a surprise, so everything has been all out of whack because I wasn't able to prepare. Then add in coaching and general chauffeur duties, and it's been... chaotic would be understating.

I learned something rather important about myself in this whole event. I am crap at taking care of myself. Absolute crap. I can take care of others, and ensure they don't over exert themselves, make sure that everything gets done, and keeping some semblance of normalcy to the environment. But when it comes to doing this for myself?  There's a reason it's been three weeks since surgery, and I'm still not fully recovered.

The first week went well.  I was healing pretty well, nothing was amiss, and everything was managed by appropriate medication. The second week... Well, I started it going out to see if I could at least keep score at Mad Natter's baseball game.  That turned into some catcher-dressing, a little boo-boo kissing, and suddenly, I was flat on my back until Wednesday, when I called in volunteers to run the practice.  I overdid that a little too, but not nearly so badly, so I was only laid out most of Thursday. This week, I've been trying to keep back. It mostly worked, but we had big rains Monday night, and...  You see where this is going, right?

Sure enough, I spent some time mopping, doing laundry, and carrying things around – even after practice – so I spent a lot of time stiff and sore again. I learned that I don't really listen to my own body, no matter how much I might wish I did. I learned that I really need Skeeve to keep an eye out, to keep half an eye on what I'm doing, to shout me down when I start doing too much. I have an issue – I need to do ALL the things, and I'm not happy when I'm not.