Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Summer Plans

The school year is ending, summer is practically around the corner, and naturally this means that there is exactly NO relaxing going on in our Mooselandia home!  Between our general status as "year rounders" and the usual sort of summer activity, there is no end of craziness happening here.

Yes, this partly explains why updates can be sporadic sometimes - it all depends on whether or not I've had a chance to get ahead before the next batch of crazy strikes. But honestly, looking at our schedule on an objective basis?  We're up to our eyeballs over here!

Through the summer, Mad Natter will continue having grammar lessons until he's finished his Practice Island book. He will also have math daily, though significantly less volume. In addition to these, we've also got outside-the-house activities.

Baseball: This summer, Mad Natter will be playing baseball!  It's machine pitch, and on Monday and Wednesday nights. The league, it seems, is so hard up for coaches that they've taken to calling around trying to find anyone they can to coach a team.  As a result, I am now Coach Care. I'm mildly terrified, and am hoping I can pull this off.

Taekwondo: Tuesday and Thursday, we have TKD. Mad Natter is loving Taekwondo. He's found his groove this week, earned his first stripe, and I suspect that we'll be staying in this for a long time. 

Robotics: We're hoping to get Mad Natter into a LEGO Robotics course, but we're not sure if there are spaces still open yet. We have to wait until Friday, and then mostly just hope.  That'll be on Sundays if we can get him in.

Then, we add in the various trips and travels - we'd like to go to visit Hammie and Buppa at least twice over the summer, we've got a wedding, and we're hoping to get to the Poconos again as well... I thought summer was supposed to be relaxing!