Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Making our Art Portfolio!

With help from Caitie and Leo from My Little Poppies, Mad Natter and I took some time to make him his very own art portfolio!

Since his diagnosis and subsequent treatment, Mad Natter has produced more artwork than he has in the entire YEAR prior to this, which means... I need somewhere to put all these wonderful pictures!  Then I remembered - Leo helped us out with this ages ago! And so, following their directions (and tweaking a little for our use), Mad Natter and I made an art portfolio just for his creations! (Be aware, this is a picture-heavy post!)

First things being first, we went off to our local Dollar Tree, where we got two sheets of poster board, and Mad Natter chose his patterned duct tape. Once we got home, Mad Natter took off to read a little (will wonders never cease?) and I took over the more fiddly parts of the portfolio assembly.

First thing I did was to cover the top of each board with the duct tape. I wanted all the edges to be fairly rip-proof, knowing our household and how crazy things can get here.

Then, I set the boards on the floor, wrong sides together, and proceeded to tape the three remaining sides together, trying to keep about half the duct tape on either side of the boards. This made the bulk of the portfolio, a very large envelope with semi-solid sides.

Next step was to make a handle - I took about a foot of the duct tape and split it down the middle. Then, I stuck one end to the portfolio, and folded the rest in half to the last inch or so. I attached the last inch to the other side of the same board, and then repeated the process for the other side, to make two handles.

Then came the fun part.  Mad Natter spent probably the better part of an hour coloring the outsides of the poster board. He had a great time, and now the portfolio is truly his!

Now, granted, this thing is giant. But it kind of needs to be, since we have drawings of all sizes going in there!  It took the better part of an afternoon to put it together, but we had a lot of fun with it, and Mad Natter is already working toward filling it all up with his artwork!  We're so excited!