Friday, February 13, 2015

I Was Going to Write a Review for You.

I was, I swear. I was going to write a lovely review of a book that had case studies in it and everything!  But, then something happened. On Tuesday, I brought up "I know Mad Natter is still too young for the ADHD discussion..." and our GP listened. She saw the switch flip. She put in a call to the ped in practice with over 30 years of  experience. On Wednesday, I got a call to schedule an appointment - for yesterday. We jumped. The ped saw the switch flip, too. He listened. After years, plural, we found a team who would listen. After enough years that it feels like lifetimes, the doctors saw what we see, they listened, and now? Now we're moving forward with a plan. I haven't had time to write that wonderful review, because I've been too busy being ecstatic over someone being willing to help Mad Natter, Skeeve, and me. I haven't been able to corral my brain into any semblance of proper working order since - I've been going in multiple directions, herding everyone I can to get paperwork to me as fast as they can, so we can get this whole thing turned around in significantly less time than it took to get it started.

Relief. Gratitude. Drive.

No time for love writing, Doctor Jones. No focus.