Monday, August 25, 2014

It's August 25th!

"We are spreading the word to all homeschoolers to fill the social media sites with their #notbacktoschool photos on August 25th in a community effort to normalize homeschooling.

On August 25, unite with the community of homeschoolers by posting your #notbacktoschool photos in a widespread effort to normalize homeschooling, regardless of your actual start date. What will your first day look like? Will you be at the beach, the kitchen table, museum or on a road trip? Add the hashtag #notbacktoschool to all your photos."

It's Not Back To School Day on the internet! I'm very excited to share some of the highlights of our Not Back To School Day, part 1 (Part 2 will be on 9/2, when our local Mooselandia children DO go back to school!)

Today, I had a load of grand plans, not the least of which being an epic amount of sitting on butts.  We just got back yesterday from a two week trip to visit Hammie and Buppa in their suddenly tropical-climed home, and the last thing I wanted to do after eight hours in the car was anything putting demands on my time.

So, the morning was spent watching Stampy Longhead videos.  This is Mad Natter's all-time favorite YouTube channel.  He loves watching them build, and he thinks Stampy is the best let's play ever. 

We followed this with a trip to the drugstore.  We needed to get new yogurt - I didn't want to find out at bedtime that my yogurt was all off - and I needed to get something caffeinated in the house.  And so, we were off.  I scared myself half to death while we were there - they had Star Wars leveled reading, writing, and math books, K-2. I picked up the grade 1 books, figuring I'd look and make sure we were on target. Then I picked up the grade 2 books.  Then I shook my head, and started looking for grade 3, and realized what I was looking for and tried really hard to not have to scrape my jaw off the floor in front of Mad Natter. Once we got our caffeine, yogurt, sunglasses for mama, and drinks for the road, Mad Natter rearranged the contents of the wagon into a car for himself... and drove home.  We're back home again, but we had a good deal of fun with building, playing on our walks, and a quick lesson on grocery-rounding - or $2.99 is really $3 for estimating.  It's been a lovely day, with clear blue skies, and warm, not terribly humid temperatures...  It's a gorgeous day to Not Go Back To School.