Wednesday, February 12, 2014

A Little Gratifying.

Isn't it always rather gratifying when Someone With Letters (like, for example, MD or PhD) affirms you're doing well?  Mad Natter is finally receiving some Occupational Therapy for his SPD. We're reassessing his profile right now, but he definitively has some sensory issues.  In "Thank You, Captain Obvious" news, so does Skeeve, and so do I.  Mad Natter has a blend of both our issues.  It seems he has my need for tactile stimulation, his father's need for deep pressure, and while he does not have my aversion to certain tactile textures or his father's to certain food textures, he has an incredible Need To Move.  At high speed. All the time. Everywhere. In circles around the house. At every opportunity.  *ahem*  Anyway. We're finally getting set up with OT for this, and are looking at brushing for deep pressure, a "walk with me" program to help him refrain from running off in crowded areas, and eventually visual scheduling. We just have to get the pieces together for that last part.

In review today, the OT commented that with the right supports, Mad Natter is "obviously capable of brilliance" and that we, at home, "certainly have the cognitive piece covered."  So while his social skills could use some help - with a mom and a dad that are introverts this isn't surprising - we've got this whole 'learning' thing down.  And it's so nice to hear someone else say so.  Especially when that someone else is Someone With Letters.

I think I've neglected to mention that we've changed our maths program.  We have been using Right Start for the last two years, and the last few school months I felt very much like Mad Natter wasn't retaining everything he should be.  So, with a whole lot of crowdsourcing and advice, we jumped over to Math Mammoth.  We did the Kindergarten Review while we were still on our winter holidays, and then moved onto the regular 1A book.  Suddenly, there was so much less stress!  Mad Natter is now actually happy to be doing maths work, he's feeling successful, and asking him questions about what he's learning is no longer getting me answers like "Pumpkin!" for questions like 5+5=?  It's a huge load off of my shoulders, and a wonderful change for both of us.  I'm really excited to see what the next semester brings, especially since he's been doing so very well with this program, and is blazing through it faster than I thought he would (so what else is new?) !!