Thursday, October 3, 2013


It is seriously a rough time around here.

We have signed Mad Natter up for pre-novice hockey.  This, in and of itself, is a wonderful thing!  A chance to learn a new set of physical skills, a structured opportunity to get out and get his energy out, a great time to go out and play with kids and interact with the world at large!  Fantastic!

The problem comes in when you take our regular week schedule into account. We don't run Monday to Friday like the rest of the general population - we run Thursdays to Sundays. Skeeve works four ten hour days, and on an odd schedule. So, we ran school Thursday to Sunday as well, with Tuesdays added on as phys ed - when we run around the city playing at parks, going swimming, having picnics, apple picking...  All the fun things that make being home worth it!  Anyway. Because hockey is set up for the vast majority of people - who are Monday to Friday people, practices are on Saturday and Sunday. And not even a time we can work around - practices are set up Saturday at 9, and Sunday at 8, so we can't get school in beforehand.

Now, given that Mad Natter is extremely easily distracted on the best of days... this means we're going to have some really hard times ahead. Have to rework the entire schedule, as we can't count on getting in a full day of school after hockey practice. Have you seen what the kids look like when they come off the ice?  First it's DED OF SKATING, then it's ZOMG WIRED!  Needless to say, neither condition is conducive to school.

And so, what do we do? We no longer have four full school days. If we skip Saturday and Sunday entirely, we have two school days. If we toss on weekend days, then can get one more day - the other two are Mom's Resting Day and parent meeting day.  That's up to three... so now the schedule is reset - we're having school days Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, and having half days on Saturday and Sunday.  We'll have to see how it all shakes out, but worst case scenario, I'm back to schedule planning again in a week or two.

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